Our mission is to create consistent success for doctors and their staff. We deliver superior quality dental restorations and provide outstanding personal service. Our efforts result in smiling patients and extremely pleased clients.

We Offer Superior Products, Outstanding Service

Our focus is on consistent chairside success. Our high level of performance is evident everywhere, from how we communicate on the phone, to how we craft a dental restoration, to how we package and deliver the case.

Our Customers Value Superior Quality and Exceptional People

We serve doctors who value consistent chairside success and who want a lab that delivers reliability, accuracy, easy communications and friendly respect.

Our People are the Best in the Business

Our people are honest, talented, detail-oriented and efficient. They are respectful, enjoy their work and are passionate about delivering a job well done.

We invest time and money in the education, advanced training, and certification of our team. We expect everyone to become a “master” of his or her role. We take good care of our team so they can take good care of our customers.


Our Business Management is Sound

Our company has been in successful operation for over 40 years. The foundation of our success is based on honesty, personal responsibility and a focus on serving people well.

We base our decisions on facts. We determine success by measuring results.

We are Present Focused Yet Future Minded

We do what needs to be done today. We are also mindful of where we are going in the future. Change and growth is expected from everyone.

A Win-Win for Customers and Our Staff

We expect our customers to be delighted. We deliver consistent chairside success through the on-time delivery of superior quality restorations.

Our staff is a pleasure to know because they are friendly, honest and highly skilled. People enjoy working here for the clarity and integrity of how we do business and for the opportunities they have to succeed.