Highly Trained Team

The Story of the Dental Masters Laboratory Training Academy

The Dental Masters Laboratory Training Academy was created to answer the question: How do we maintain a consistent level of high quality lab work?

The answer became clear: to train every technician, even experienced technicians, to follow the same technical protocol.

Every technician at Dental Masters Laboratory must successfully complete two courses of instruction:

  1. The technician must learn with absolute certainty fundamental dental anatomy and the concepts of oral function.
  2. Upon passing this course, the technician moves on to intensive training in a chosen specialty, such as ceramics or waxing full crowns.

During specialized training, the technician is guided by our Director of Training. Each specific step in the process of making a restoration is taught in minute detail using video DVD’s, guidebooks, drill books and hands-on work. For example, once a ceramist has passed both the anatomical and functional concepts training, they move on to learning the individual “micro-steps” in applying, contouring, staining and glazing a ceramic crown. Quite literally, the technician is drilled so that the steps they follow are the same, from case to case.

The result: restorations are consistently correct in form and function. With a crown, our objective is to create a restoration that looks like a beautiful, real tooth, fits seamlessly and functions properly.

How many dental laboratories have a clearly defined technical policy or a training academy?

The answer: very few. Dental Masters Laboratory is proud to be a leader in setting technical standards and in developing well-trained dental technicians.

Beyond the Training Academy: Advanced Training at Dental Masters Laboratory

In response to the rise in availability of esthetic restorative materials such as Empress, and the general increase of patients desiring more attractive smiles, Dental Masters Laboratory sought training facilities that offer advanced and continuing training. Our fixed and removable technicians have completed intensive training at the Pankey Institute, the Las Vegas Institute, the Tanaka Dental Technology Institute, Pac Live, Bego, Swissedent, PTC and Ivoclar.

During the 1990’s, we conducted both lecture and patient treatment seminars at our Learning Center with noted clinicians including Dr. Bill Dickerson, Dr. David Hornbrook and Dr. Jeff Brucia. We continue today to offer Learning Center programs on the subjects of fixed and removable restorations and on practice marketing and management.

We enthusiastically support ongoing, advanced education. By traveling to outside venues and through our Learning Center, we offer our laboratory professionals the best in advanced technical and clinical instruction.

Tony Sanchez, CDT, Director of Training instructs a drill
Hands on lab work cycles
Judy Thomas, 3M Espe, Tech Training Seminar
Patient Treatment Seminar
with Dr. Jeff Brucia