IPS d.SIGN® Ceramic Creating a new standard for your patients

  • Optical properties that closely match those of natural teeth
  • Enhanced stability of shades and true-to-nature fluorescence
  • Suitable for all restorations
  • Superior to ordinary metal ceramic solutions

Optical Qualities of Natural Teeth

IPS d.SIGN® is a revolutionary glass-ceramic system that offers a real breakthrough in natural aesthetics, with a vibrant opalescence and fluorescence.

Permits individuality, creativity

IPS d.SIGN® is suitable for basic restorations and reconstructions of sophisticated morphological structures, so you can use it for any indications where you would previously have selected an ordinary metal ceramic - crowns or bridges, even with multiple pontics or long spans .

"The d.Sign® ceramic offers a variety of clinical benefits. Its optical properties are similar to those of natural teeth, and its physical properties are stronger and more durable than the typical feldspathic porcelains dentists are using.

With wear characteristics similar to natural tooth enamel, the classic problem of porcelain caused abrasion should be less of a concern.

Metal-ceramic restorations have always been and will continue to be the most versatile, durable and abuse-proof restoration."

— Dr. Robert Winter
"The unique fine crystalline structure closely mimics tooth enamel, enhancing natural aesthetics and reducing the potential of opposing wear."

— John A. Sorenson, DMD,
Director - Dental Clinical Research Ctr Oregon Health Sciences Univ