What Dr's Say

I enjoy the quality and consistency of your work. I have less stress since I began using your lab. I’m glad to work with you!”

— Dr. Winterle
Buzzards Bay, MA

Fabrication of rpd frameworks has been the primary service from Dental Masters Laboratory. The consistently high quality of the lab product, produced in a very timely manner, has been the most attractive aspect of working with Dental Masters. Having dependable laboratory support is critical for any prosthodontic or restorative dental practice. Your lab supports not only the formulation of optimal treatment plans but also the actual delivery of prosthesis where appropriate attention has been given to important technical details.....Thank you!

— Dr. John Murrell
Raleigh, NC

The quality of service, the friendliness of the staff and the level of competency of the technicians are why I like using Dental Masters Laboratory. I also like the instant feedback as well as ideas regarding the improvement of cases.

You have added to the success of my practice by giving me the opportunity to provide outstanding restorations to my patients, both removable and fixed.

— Dr. Kenneth Shaw
Cotati, CA

Dental Style

I like your friendly, helpful attitude and consistent quality products. My cases are also always on time. I appreciate you introducing me to new treatment options

— Dr. John Noren
San Francisco, CA

Dental Masters Laboratory delivers excellent aesthetic form and function. You’ve enabled me to market the latest in cosmetic dentistry. I appreciate your good work, communication and reliability.

— Dr. Richard Aulicino
Lake George, NY

We like using Dental Masters because of the quick turn around time, and the accuracy of the work. You have added to our success because you are reliable and do wonderful work.

— Dr. Thomas Moran
Grand Junction, CO


I like the excellent workmanship in your cases, from a little inlay/onlay to a full mouth reconstruction; you are at the top of the dental lab field.

I also like the personal relationship between us. Your technical managers make excellent suggestions and point out ways to insure consistent high quality lab service. I learn from them. Everyone is concerned about making each case successful and making me, the dentist, feel important.

The cement and delivery of your cases are quick and easy, with little or no adjustment necessary. Just try it in, make sure the patient likes the esthetics, and cement or bond the case. It’s simple and easy when I work with Dental Masters.

— Dr. Clarke King
Vista, CA

Happy Patients

Your good communication and work equate to good patient care and success. Keep up the good work!

— Dr. Reed Ferrick
Santa Rosa, CA

I like the predictable outcome of your all porcelain restorations, your good communication and the on time return of cases. Your work offers superior esthetics!

— Dr. Rabee McDonald
Escondido, CA


I like Dental Masters’ reliability and consistent good communication.

— Dr. Michael Staninec
San Francisco, CA


I like your consistent, reliable results. You have saved me time in seating and adjustments, with very few remakes. Keep up the good work!

— Dr. William Cherry
Incline Village, NV

Your service has been very reliable, with very few remakes. Your Empress restorations help me offer patients beautiful, well-fitting smiles.

— Dr. Mary Walsh Cole
Encinitas, CA

I use Dental Masters Laboratory for Wironium Partial Dentures. The quality of the frames is superb. Your questions, comments and advice are always appropriate and applicable.

Pick-up and delivery is a snap with Airborne Express. Your work and service have been accurate, consistent and reliable.

— Dr. David Burton
Prosthodontics and Implant Dentistry
Tualitin, OR

Dancing with New Teeth

Your quality and customer service is great. By continuing to improve your products, I have been prompted to improve my own work. The synergy between us has made my patient care faster and more predictable.

— Dr. Eric Dunbar
Santa Rosa, CA

The Sinfony and Empress restorations I receive fit well and are esthetically pleasing. Your technicians have been a great help on many of my cases. Your work is reliable and looks great which makes my patients happy. And happy patients are more open to further suggestions for treatment.

— Dr. Jeff Snider
Wynnewood, PA

Dental Masters gives me excellent lab work, customer service and case support. You are always on time. I appreciate how you work with me to insure outstanding treatment to my patients.

— Dr. Amir Majed
Daly City, CA

Dental Masters is committed to providing high quality restorations. You are dedicated to your mission and seek out experts in the dental profession for training and information. Cases are always on time. Rarely is there are need to send a case back. Restorations are esthetic, high quality, dependable and at a fair price. Thank you for all your support!

— Dr. Sean Wilson
San Francisco, CA

Your Empress restorations are very good.

— Dr. Dan Bornstein
Santa Rosa, CA

Your staff is great about calling in regards to challenging RPD designs. They work with us in problem solving and are always polite and helpful. I enjoy the close cooperation and attention to detail of the RPD department and their commitment to a quality product and satisfied patient.

— Dr. Roy Yanase
Torrance, CA
Happy Couple

Your staff is friendly, product quality even better. I like the new products you offer my patients and me.

— Dr. Chris McNeil
Forestville, CA

I have had excellent results over past 12 years. I have fewer problems with my partial frameworks than my colleagues. In 12 years, I think I might have had 2 or 3 remakes.

— Dr. Wayne Syn
Orland, CA