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Why Dental Masters?

We Provide Seven Benefits to Your Practice

1. We save you time

We know your time is valuable. Our quality control systems have evolved over 65 years and have developed into the meticulous approaches we employ today.

2. We’re on time, or it’s free

If your patient is there in the chair and the casework is not due to our error, the case will be credited 100%.

3. Get exactly what you want

We ask about your preferences, and we follow your specifications. We’ll always call if there’s a question about a case. This is time well spent because you receive exactly what you want.

4. No charge for remakes

If we need to remake a case, you won’t be charged. Why do we do this? Sometimes the cause is us, sometimes it’s you, and sometimes nobody knows for sure. We do know that with our quality assurance systems, you’ll have consistent success.

One exception: When we are asked to make something we believe may fail, we will still make the case; however, we can’t offer our no-charge remake guarantee. Our customers agree this is a fair policy.

5. Dealing with us is easy, friendly, and professional

Mike Kulwiec strongly believes that good manners are very important, and he “walks his talk” with a team who is courteous, sincere, and honest. We like each other and our customers! Mike knows this is the only way to run a successful business.

6. We’re committed to life-long learning

Continuing education is a priority at our lab. Our Training Academy ensures that our technicians have the skills needed to create consistent, successful results. And at our fully equipped Learning Center, we also host lecture and hands-on programs for dentists, practice team members, and our staff.

We’ve attended courses with Dr. Frank Spear, Dr. David Hornbrook, Dr. Bill Dickerson, Dr. Jeff Morley, and Dr. Rhys Spoor. For advanced esthetic lab techniques, we seek hands-on instruction with leading experts, including Matt Roberts, Jurgen Seeger, and Lee Culp.

7. We’re committed to our customers!

Dental Masters will always give you and your patients these benefits, using proven materials, top-level technologies, and professional service.

And that is guaranteed.