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Thank you for your interest in learning more about a wide variety of topics from our free eBooks! We hope you find valuable information for digital dentistry, materials, and more. All eBooks below are available for download, so you can access them at your convenience.


The Smileloc® eBook, exclusively from Dental Masters, provides thorough insight into this innovative implant solution. Learn all about Smileloc®, including it’s features, benefits, and the revolutionary Smilekey®. This eBook also covers how to prescribe Smileloc® from Dental Masters, as well as pricing, healing abutment selection, and required instruments.

Download Smileloc® eBook

Smile Shapers

The Smile Shapers eBook from Dental Masters provides valuable insight into this new clear aligner treatment. The eBook covers the benefits of Smiler Shapers, how to prescribe, the appointment timeframe, and more.

Download Smile Shapers eBook

Digital Impressions

The Digital Impressions eBook from Dental Masters is full of unbiased information on all of the major intraoral scanners available. In addition to overviews of each scanner, this eBook also gives information on additional benefits that come with going digital.

Download DI eBook


The All-Ceramic eBook from Dental Masters covers the latest all-ceramic materials on the market, including full-contour zirconia, IPS e.max®, and more. This eBook also details the available all-ceramic products from Dental Masters.

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The Partials eBook from Dental Masters covers the history of partials, as well as the variety of partial materials that are available. It also covers the available removable partial dentures from Dental Masters.

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Full Dentures

The Full Denture eBook from Dental Masters covers the history of dentures throughout human history as well as the variety of denture and denture teeth materials that are used. It also covers three digital denture options that are available from Dental Masters.

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