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Great White® Zirconia and Lithium Disilicate Adjustment Kit


The Great White® Z Zirconia and Lithium Disilicate Adjustment Kit allows for precise zirconia adjustment and polishing. Specifically designed for Zirconia or Lithium Disilicate restorations, this kit offers an advantage in facilitating rapid and smooth adjustments, comparable to coarse grits, but without the associated risks of micro-fracturing or chipping, and without generating excessive heat.

The Great White® Z diamonds deliver an exceptionally fine finish. Achieve a fine sheen with the use of the Zirconia polishers, making this adjustment kit a valuable tool.


Great White Z – Zirconia & Lithium Disilicate Adjustment Kit. Includes 8 GWZ diamond burs plus autoclavable block: 4x GWZ Diamond FG Burs (one each: 368-023F, 368-023M, 850-018F, 850-018M). 4x Jazz Polishers (RA shank, one each: Medium Flame, Medium Cup, Fine Flame, Fine Cup.



  • fast and smooth bite adjustment
  • no excessive heat
  • no risk of micro-fracturing or chipping


Kit Contains
(1) Great White®Z 368-023F
(1) Great White®Z 368-023M
(1) Great White®Z 850-018F
(1) Great White®Z 850-018M
(1) 89112 – Jazz® Polisher Medium Flame RA ZA2S
(1) 89113 – Jazz® Polisher Medium Cup RA ZA2S
(1) 89117 – Jazz® Polisher Fine Cup RA ZA2S
(1) 89118 – Jazz® Polisher Fine Flame RA ZA2S