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Implant Base Holder


A MUST have for any technician having to deal with any implant case.

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Implant Base Holder is very useful and comfortable for cleaning the parts with steam-jet.  It is also a huge advantage for the gluing operation of the crown on the base: according to manufacturer’s instructions, hold the crown for a few seconds and leave it.

Special thanks to the distance ring, the work will not be in contact with the table’s surface during final setting.  Implant base holder allows for extremely fast, comfortable and secure work.  Implant Clamp forceps are made of the highest quality stainless steel, manufactured in Switzerland.

This new clamp forceps is designed with innovative ends:  two half-rounds creating a 1.4mm cylinder with 90 degree neck when closed.

  1. Insert the tip into the implant base part (included with the Implant clamps)
  2. Close the forceps=opens at the front and creates tension in the inside of the implant base for extremely tight holding.