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VDO Gauge


Establish your patient’s VDO in seconds with the VDO Gauge.

This tool is a must have for Immediate Load, AOX type cases, implant retained dentures, dentures, full mouth reconstruction, and snore guards.

The VDO Gauge is ergonomically designed based on Golden Proportion Principles to fit the anatomy of the human face, providing a level of accuracy and consistently neither a string and marker or boley gauge can match. When used in tandem with a doctor’s knowledge and experience, this tool can provide incredible value for a practice.

Never forget, if you can’t measure it, then it’s just an opinion.


How Does It Work?

Step 1

Measure the distance between the center of the eye and the commissure of the lips using the two straight, extended markers.

Step 2

Tighten the bolt to lock that measurement into place.

Step 3

Using the other side of the gauge, place the friendly rounded edge just under the nose and under the chin. If the the curved, chin marker fits snugly under the chin, you have accurately captured the patient’s VDO.


If the curved, chin marker is not in contact with the chin, then the patient is over-closed.

If the curved, chin marker is short of the chin, the patient is too open.

Note that the gauge was never intended to replace a doctor’s knowledge and experience – it is a tool to be used to help find a patients VDO quickly, consistently, and accurately, but any measurement should be verified through removable techniques to ensure a positive case outcome.

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