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Smile Lite MDP

Smile Lite MDP Full Set – #6600-KIT


Includes MDP Lite, a polarizing filter and two diffusers

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Smile Lite MDP Full Set – #6600-KIT Mobile Dental Photography by Prof. Louis Hardan. Nowadays, each new smartphone arriving on the market is equipped with a more performing and amazing camera! It is for taking advantage of this revolution in progress that Smile Line proposes the very first device specially researched for allowing the most beautiful dental photos with your smartphone: Smile Lite MDP – professional dental photography accessible for all! Smile Lite MDP can be considered as a “mini photo studio”, took 3 years of development, research and testing. The device is equipped with three groups of LEDs (light emitting diodes). Each group can be lit up individually, while you also have the possibility to set the power of illumination thanks to a dimmer (four different steps of power). The back of Smile Lite MDP is equipped with a universal adaptor that is adjustable for any model of smartphone having a width between 55-85mm.

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