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Dental Masters veneers include IPS e.max® CAD or Press, IPS e.max layered veneer, and IPS Empress® esthetic or layered veneers. IPS e.max offers four levels of translucency for lifelike esthetics. IPS Empress veneer is used for anterior restorations to enhance esthetics by covering up mild staining or closing diastemas.


Changed color of anterior teeth, Incorrect shape of tooth or position in dental arch, Enamel defects such as enamel hypoplasia, attrition of teeth as a consequence of trauma, wide interproximal spaces like diastema


Bruxism and parafunction, Pathology of bite, more than 50% of enamel affected by pathology

Tech Notes

For facial reduction three wheel diamond depth cutter should be used for orientation grooves. For proximal reduction - round end tapered diamond bur is used as an extension for facial reduction.