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Snap-On Smile® Adjustment & Finishing Block


Snap-On Smile® restorations are crafted out of hi-tech dental resin that can be easily adjusted and finished with the proper tools. This block of adjustment and finishing tools are sourced from Brasseler USA®, a well-known and reputable manufacturer of dental instruments. These tools were specifically chosen to assist in chairside modification of Snap-On Smile® restorations.

Tools Included:
• Soft Bristle Brush
• AcryliPro™ Silicone Acrylic Polisher – Medium Grit
• AcryliPro™ Silicone Acrylic Polisher – Fine Grit
• HP E-Cutter Carbide – 14mm
• Green Knife Edge Silicone Metal Polisher – Medium Grit
• HP E-Cutter Carbide – 13mm